Deepen your connection with the animals who call the Detroit Zoo home with special animal engagements throughout the evening:

Animal Engagement Schedule:
7:15 p.m. Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnakes at the Holden Reptile Conservation Center
7:30 p.m.  Amur Tigers at the Devereaux Tiger Forest
7:45 p.m. Grizzly Bears at the Grizzly Bear Habitat
8 p.m. Cassowary at the Australian Outback Adventure
Animal Feedings*
7:15 - 8:15 p.m. Giraffe feedings for a $25 donation
7:00 - 8:00 p.m. Cassowary feedings for a $50 donation

*Animal feedings are subject to change based on the animals' appetites and comfort levels.